Benefits for private health insurance customers!!!

It pays to be a client of the Institution Medeor! The clients of private health insurances (Uniqa, Croatia, Grawe and Merkur) in our institution realized therapeutic pack of minimum 10 treatments, given partial back massage of 30 minutes free of charge.          

Quality sleep for health and beauty!

Most are well aware that sleep is a very important part of health, but it’s quality is often neglect. Because of unhealthy and poor quality of sleep, directly or indirectly, we can feel the effects such as chronic fatigue, poor concentration, mental problems, inefficiency in learning and at work, pains in the joints, spine, head, […]

Rehabilitation of fractured elbow

The elbow is a complex joint that represents a combination of the humerus and the two forearm bones, radius (radius) and the elbow (ulna) bones. Together with other arms joints it performs specific, complex movements, and it’s function is essential in activities of daily living. Around the elbow joint, or next to him are a […]

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