Medeor Institution

The institution for medical care, physical therapy and rehabilitation MEDEOR was found in 2002 and provides medical care and physical therapy for patients at their homes and at our address in Koturaška Street 71 in Zagreb.
MEDEOR INSTITUTION has the Croatian Health department certificate, and also works with Croatian health insurance (HZZO) and other private medical insurance companies.
The receipt issued by the MEDEOR INSTITUTION is accepted by all world wide medical Insurance Companies.



The Founder
Bojan Nasteski, the founder and the director of MEDEOR INSTITUTION who is a physiotherapist and who has a long term experience with health care, physical therapy both at home and in the practice, has worked with numerous professional sportsmen, Croatian and from abroad.
Mr. Nasteski also teaches Physical therapy as an external lecturer at the Medical College in Zagreb.
Our services
The Physical Therapy:
• The Physical Therapy In The Dispensary
• The Physical Therapy In The Patient’s Home
• Health Care In The Patient’s Home
• Osteopathy
Neurological techniques:
• development rehabilitation for children aged from 0 – 15 years
• Bobath concept
• Vojta concept
• Seltzer ultrasound in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) treatment
Manual techniques:
• McKenzie method
• Kaltenborn and Cyriax
Treatments of healing:
• individual workout – medical fitness
• workout for pregnant women
• the osteoporosis treatment
• the urinary incontinence treatment
• sport injuries treatment
• painful spine syndromes and joint treatment
• the rheumatic illnesses treatment
• the nerve paresis (nervus Facialis, n. Peroneus, n. Ulnaris, n. Radialis) treatment
• post operative treatment
• anti-stress treatment
Dermatological and esthetical programmes:
• anti cellulite program
• the lose weight program
• dermatological laser program (wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, burns, bed sore, acne, alopecia)