bobath1Physical therapy for patients having neurological problems is concentrated on individual and holistic approach with the goal to restore normal motoric functions. It is used with neurological illnesses – brain or back spine injuries, after brain attack, in peripheral nerve damage and with diverse neuromuscular illnesses such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS), cerebral paralysis, Parkinson’s disease, progressive muscular dystrophy, diverse miopaties etc.
Bobath concept is used on people with functional, movement and tonus disorders that as a consequence has damage of central nervous system and is used both in therapies for children as well as adults.
Just by looking and estimating the patient status we get the insight of patient’s muscular tonus, his balance reactions, the quality of daily activities that he has and the existence of associated reactions and compensatory activities.
The technique is based upon stimulation of normal functional movement that is necessary for the re-education of regular activities in everyday life and is concentrated on reduction of spasms and solving the problems of associated reactions.
Bobath concept is also used with neuro risky children (prematurely born, with children who experienced problems during birth or during pregnancy). The main goal is to prevent further disorder development, illness or disorders and to improve the state in which the child is currently in.
The best results are gained in the youngest age and that is why it is important to start as soon as possible with the treatments and to educate the parents who have the most important role in Childs rehabilitation.