anticelulitnamasaza1A lot of women have cellulite problems that are not only considered as an esthetical problem but as a true illness that could threaten their psychophysical condition.


Cellulite (or paniculopathy edemato fybrosclerotics) represents slow, degenerative process that takes place in under skin fatty tissue.

If it is not treated in time and in an appropriate way it can lead to joint overload and to blood vessel problems.

The cellulite represents accumulation of liquid and fat in the under skin layer of tissue that leads to deformation and aggravation of blood and lymph flow.

There are many causes, but the main problem is in lousy blood flow because of which the waist matter and liquid is accumulated in the organism.

Other causes are:

  1. unhealthy eating habits
  2. hormone disorders
  3. pregnancy
  4. wearing of high heels
  5. excessive sitting
  6. tight clothes

All of the above mentioned factors, directly or indirectly lead to liquid accumulation in intercellular spacing and these is the main cause of the cellulite.

Successful treatment needs, above all, professional evaluation of cellulite stadium, as well as the overall health of the patient.

The appropriate methods that are set individually for every patient, lead to quick and safe results of these esthetical problem that is usually followed by other health difficulties.

The goal of lymph drainage is to encourage the slow liquid flow in the organism. By certain pressure the stooped intercellular liquid is drained toward the lymph knot and the blood flow system by which it is excreted out of the body.

The success of the lymph drainage depends on the cellulite type and the reaction of the organism on the treatment. Giving prognosis is not good, but practice has showed that first results can be seen after 15 treatments.

In treating cellulite we use anti cellulite massage, manual lymph drainage and for critic parts of the body ultrasound and electro stimulation with active control of the muscles as well as appropriate modification of nutrition.