razvojnarehabdjece1The development rehabilitation of children should be started as soon as possible at numerous risk groups of children, such as premature born children, twins, the children who suffered different kinds of problem during birth.
The aberrance from the normal development for newly born babies and toddlers is manifested as a disorder in muscle tonus and can be displayed as spastic or flaccid muscle, either in one part of the body, one side of the body or even of the whole body, as decreased natural diversity of movement, that replaces the poor uniform movement or as an exaggerated unwanted movement.
All neuro risky children with surveyed symbols of disorders, the development gymnastics affects general and functional abilities. The main goal of rehabilitation is to prevent further disorder or damage development with adequate therapeutic approach.
The principle of development rehabilitation is that the role of the therapist is to help the child to learn the normal development phases such as: turning, sitting, crawling, kneeling, standing up, walking…
It is important that the rehabilitation should be started as soon as possible, and that parent’s involvement in such has maybe the most important role because they are educated to work with their children at home, either during play or in taking care of their children. The purpose of this kind of practice is to reduce later consequences or to even completely remove aberrations in growing up.