The main cause of painful spine syndromes are the changes of the discus between vertebras that are caused by intensified pressure of the discus on the nerve roots because of irregular position of the vertebra between which the discus are placed. The long-term pressure of the small quality mattress has great impact on the spinal health, and soon uncomfortable numb pain, headache, tensions of the back muscles and stiffness of the joints occur as well as other sleeping disorder problems, and whose consequences we feel during the whole day.
The basis for healthy sleep lies in the mattress or the upper mattress on which the body forms a unique orthopaedic impression that is characteristic for only one person so the intervertebral discs between vertebra during sleep are being relaxed completely, are filled with nourishing fluid that keeps them elastic, long living and capable for protecting the spine from every day load and that would relax all the soft tissue in the period of 6 to 8 hours of daily sleep. The most important thing is that these mattresses have an anti mould, anti virus, bacteria and anti maggot layer of antiallergenic foam.



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Products for healthy sleeping:

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Thermo active mattress
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