individualnemedfitness1Individual exercises are characterised by a more quality approach with the prevention, treatment or keeping of human health.
It is recommended to work with all the people who want to maintain the locomotive system, young and/or old, healthy and especially to work with ill persons because contraindications, the inability of repeated injuries or of the worsening of the patient’s condition can be monitored.
With individual exercise the mobility of the whole body, the strengthening and stretching of the muscles, better blood flow, the improvement of cellular metabolism, the lung capacity, positive action and psychic state of the organism can be achieved.
It is used with:
• increasing overall psychophysical state of the organism
• neurological disease (the after brain attack condition)
• the problems with locomotive system (the spine, scoliosis, chifosis, pedes plani)
• chronic degenerative disease
• cardiovascular diseases
• respiratory diseases
• postoperative condition
• conditions after individual treatments and healed pain syndromes, neurological illnesses and as a maintenance of the improved condition
• osteopenia and osteoporosis
• the overuse syndrome and sport injuries