kinesiotrake1KINESIO TEX GOLD 5cm x 5m

KINESIO TEX GOLD therapeutic tape for Kinesio Taping techniques is used in a variety of conditions and diseases, and its unique biomechanical therapeutic effect helps in many ways. Kinesio Taping tape mimics the properties of the skin. Depending on the therapeutic purpose, it can be adjusted to different degrees of tension. The application of these methods in a big way entered the sports medicine, you can see the top athletes using them during the competitions.
Kinesio Taping was developed in Japan more than 25 years ago by Dr. Kenzo Kase, the technique is based on the process of encouraging the self-treatment of your body. It is proving its effectiveness by activation of neurological and circulatory systems. This method is derived from the science of kinesiology-motion. Muscles, besides moving the body, are controlling the circulation of venous and lymph fluids and body temperature.
It is used in various fields of physiotherapy, as well as assistance to other rehabilitation methods and manual techniques, in order to achieve better therapeutic effects. Use the tapes allows the prevention of injuries, sports injury treatment, elimination of edema and pain relief. Depending on what we want to achieve as a therapeutic effect, the tape is set at a specific place, selecting the method of the tape (I, Y, X) as well as their combination with specific conditions.

The tape can be placed around and on the muscles to support its function, preventing it from over-stretching or contraction. Through this technique, we operate on the correct combination of muscles and encourage better control of movement. The tape supports better circulation, elimination of edema and reduction of inflammation.
Specific applications of Kinesio tape is reducing pain by reducing pressure on the pain receptors (nociceptors). Kinesio tape is also used when myofascial tension is increased. in the corrective treatment, the presence of the tape corrects the bad posture of the segments and on the other hand facilitate the weakened muscles that will support it.

It helps articular correction of joints. Through improving the function of muscles and connective tissue it corrects improper position of the joint and provides better postural positions, even for joint surfaces and preventing secondary pathology. For the same reasons it is used in pediatric patients to achieve better postural adjustments.

Kinesio tape does not contain latex. It can be applied to the skin up to 10 days depending on the desired therapeutic effect. Throughout the time the application tape can be washed without fear that it will come off.

Kinesio Taping is a novelty in physiotherapy, it is extremely efficient.