manuelnalimfnadrenaza1Manual lymph drainage (MLD) by dr. Vodder is gentle but very specific type of massage. It is a gentle suppression of tissue to stimulate lymph flow fluctuations, to reduce or prevent lymphatic congestion. It regenerates and improves the functionality of the lymphatic vessels, capillaries and valves and leads to relaxation with a sense of analgesia. It’s gentle effect on the vegetative system relaxes the whole body.
Lymph drainage balances fluids in the body and helps with better overall health.
Since there are very few contraindications, manual lymph drainage is used in aesthetic and physical therapy. As drainage affects a better looking skin, use is in the treatment of wrinkles, stretch marks and acne scars mitigation and thickening of the skin and weight loss. It is highly effective in the reduction of cellulite as fluid from connective tissue act in a better supply cells with oxygen and nutrients, and also eliminate the waste matter from the body.
It is used in pathological processes, after surgery and radiation therapy, healing of wounds and burns, treating headaches, premenstrual symptoms, reducing pain and increasing immunity.

Lymphedema (Lymphoedem)
Lymphedema is a delay in the flow of lymph which can occur on any part of the body. This can cause swelling of the arms, legs, chest, face, etc., and the causes are different. Infection, allergies, mechanical delays (radiation, narrow wear, damage or injury of lymphatic vessels), surgery, trauma, decreased movement, elevated or reduced temperature, kidney disease and varicose veins, nervous system injury, weakness lymph vessels. With breast cancer it usually comes to lymphatic stasis on the hand on the same side. Symptoms may include tissue tension, a feeling of heaviness, pain, reduced mobility and sensation in the hand, feeling numbness, muscle weakness and lack of sensation in the hand.
Size and prognosis of lymphedema depends on the type of surgery and the implementation of treatment of breast cancer (radiation), the extensive damage to the lymph and the ability of the lymphatic system that compensates for the flow of lymph. Surgery and radiation therapy are used to treat breast cancer, but may interfere with drainage of lymphatic fluid. In some women, lymph edema begins to unfold during or shortly after treatment for breast cancer, while in others it may develop in several years.
The treatment that can successfully treat lymphedema is called combined decongestive therapy. It includes manual lymph drainage, compressive bandages, medical gymnastics and patient education. There are 3 stages of lymph edema with differences in the treatment of each.
Manual lymph drainage is directed at reducing lymphedema in hands, first processing of the central part of the lymph, so-called. terminus, followed by cleavage and hand.
On completion of the manual lymphatic drainage we do compressive bandages, wrapping foam substrates with special elastic bandage to keep pressure lymph in the direction of the heart. This prevents the return of lymph and improves the treatment of lymphedema.
We then perform medical gymnastics that stimulates better function of lymph. Gymnastics is actually light exercise without the burden that follow the rhythm of breathing. In severe stages there is a need for myofascial techniques that work on softening the fibrous changed tissue. The implementation of this type of therapy in the 2nd and 3rd stage can last several years.
Advices for patients in care and skin protection, prevention of infection, the positioning of the body, bandages, medical gymnastics, use of thermal procedures, diet, etc.
Duration – 20 to 50 minutes