klasicnamasaza1The classic (Swedish) massage
The traditional massage we use six basic strokes, which are effleurage (sliding smoothing), petrissage (kneading), tapotement (tapping), friction, vibration and traction. Classical massage has shown its effectiveness in reducing pain, softening the tissue, improving blood circulation, metabolism, detoxification and anti-stress effects.
Classical massage is considered as the basic method of massage education in massage techniques. This technique brings an immense sense of satisfaction and relaxation, through its positive effects it rejuvenates the body. In classical massage, the intensity of performance can be divided into medical, sports and relaxing massage.
Massage is 20, 40 or 60 minutes, depending on the area that are treated and desired effects. In addition to massage, in most cases, we use a mixture of natural essential oils that further work on the positive effect of massage. Preferably, the food should not be consumed immediately before the massage. During the massage client is in underware, covered with a towel over the entire body, and the part which is treated is uncovered.
Medical (therapeutic, orthopedic) massage
Medical massage is one of the most effective types of massage and simple tool to achieve fast and efficient results with various disorders in the body. Medical massage comprehensively mobilize soft tissue comprising connective-tissue massage, muscle mobilization, Trigger point therapy, mobilization of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, fascia, which permeate the entire body. In medical massage therapist is finding and reveals the pathology of soft structures (skin, fascia, muscles). Eliminating pathological signs is leading to outputs which is aimed at reducing pain. At the same time, this type of massage improves circulation, bringing oxygen and other nutrients to the tissues, relieves muscle tension, lowers stress hormones and has beneficial effect on the immune system, increases the flexibility and mobility of the joints, and it’s involved in the elimination of lactic acid and toxins.
It has been successfully used in many conditions – back pain, headaches, migraines, different muscular states (contractures, sprains), deformities, imbalance in postural adjustments, stress and its consequences, overuse syndromes, sports injuries, conditions after surgeries and injuries, circulatory and respiratory problems, as a prelude to another manually therapy and others. Most people after the massage feel calm and relaxed. It is advisable to consume liquid after massage. The massage is not recommended with diseases of the skin, rashes, open sores, inflammation, a condition immediately after surgery, chemotherapy or radiation, varicose veins, abdominal hernia, decompensated heart, malignant diseases.
Duration-20, 40 or 60 minutes
Sports massage
Sports massage is a specific form of massage that is used for athletes in order to properly prepare, prevent injuries, for regeneration of the body after physical exertion, but also as a treatment after overtraining and injuries already incurred.
This massage technique is used for the individual needs of athletes and is an integral part of their training.
With increasing number of people who participate in sport, with the increase in competitiveness, objectives and intensity of physical activity, athletes want to improve their performance with more power, endurance, flexibility and speed and thus increase competitive advantage. Through strenuous exercise there is a greater imbalance in the areas of soft tissue and it is possible to develop overuse injuries. Therefore, the demand for sports massage is large.
Duration- 40 or 60 minutes
Relaxing massage
Every living thing is constantly exchanging energy with their surroundings. Sometimes, for various reasons, the exchange of energy can create a serious imbalance which is a prerequisite for the emergence of various diseases.
Relaxing massage is an excellent technique for the correction of energy flow with the aim of relaxation and improved circulation of body fluids after which you will feel like you are born again.
Duration-40 or 60 minutes