mckenzie1The spinal illnesses are maybe the greatest problem; some statistics say that 90 % of the population has once in their lifetime suffered from back pain.
Some difficulties that are linked to back pain are those that cause pain in the lumbosacral and cervical part of the spine and rarely in the thoracic part of the spine. This pain is usually followed by decreased or painful mobility and tense and painful muscles.
In our institution the spine pain problems are solved by numerous methods of physical therapy (electrotherapy, massage, magnetic therapy …) and the McKenzie method. The McKenzie technique is characterized by manipulation and mobilization of the spine as well as the specific spinal exercises.
The characteristic that describes the McKenzie method is that besides the physiotherapist the patient himself must actively participate in the conduction of the treatment. With his first coming to the medical institution the McKenzie test is being conducted, by which it can be precisely determined in which segment of the body the pain occurs, in what way it is going and by doing so the later course of the therapy can be set. The goal of this method is to decrease or completely remove the pain and difficulties, to improve the mobility of the spine and to strengthen the nearby muscles.
The important role in healing is to educate the patients on how to properly stand, sit or lay down, to educate the patient to conduct the exercises and to motivate the patients to do the same at home.
Every patient should introduce in his own habits the program of exercises to prevent the recurrent painful conditions.