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ORTHOPEDIC (CORRECTION) INSOLES we produce are used in flat feet, as a preventative in athletes or people with long-standing, as well as relieving insoles, but is also applied in the treatment of various deformities of the foot and lower extremity problems (plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia) and foot injuries . Orthopedic insoles are used alone or with other measures or treatments – physical therapy or surgical treatment.
The function of orthopedic (corrective) insoles is manifold: to support the instep, prevent muscle cramps feet, maintain circulation, reduce pain in the feet, lower legs, knees, hips and lower back, improving the biomechanics of standing and walking, the prevention or correction of X and O legs, better depreciation of the body when walking and others.
Orthopedic insoles are made individually by taking an imprint in the foam, and insoles are made under ideal conditions and their function is flawless.

Types of orthopedic (corrective) insoles:
– Orthopedic (corrective) children’s insoles
– Orthopedic (corrective) children’s insoles with heel cup
– Orthopedic (correction) ordinary insoles
– Thin orthopedic (corrective) insoles for adults, for stylish shoes and shoes with heels
– Sports orthopedic (correction) insoles
– Diabetic orthopedic (correction) insoles.

When buying orthopedic insoles, you get a free foot exam and medical advice!