osteopatskastomatologija1Osteopathic dentistry or Osteodontics are names for the field in which the skills of osteopath and the dentist merged in the form of co-operation with the aim of raising the quality of healthcare. Such cooperation is extremely useful in the prevention, treatment and final outcomes of interventions in the work of dentists.
Osteopathy uses it’s manual techniques for the purpose of treating a variety of disorders and diseases.
Among the 28 bones of the skull it comes to continuous subtle physiological movement of the bones. Some dental interventions lead to various forms of osteopathic lesions representing the disorder of mentioned movement, with a possible pathological position of the structure. In this conditions, evaluation and therapeutic approach by osteopath are necessary, in order to remove the block and re-establish the functions.

The normal functioning of the body’s functions is easily undermined by the emergence of trauma on the body. Facial trauma often leads to osteopathic lesions, the most common form of facial trauma are dental interventions. A lot of dental work through the skilled hands of dentists is done with a minimum of stress, however, it creates a greater extent. Ostheodontics take preventive treatment, reduces pain, relieves the state, helping function, stimulates circulation and significantly increases the performance of dental procedures.
Thus, the treatment of osteopathic dentistry is often used after installation of dental implants, application and carrying partial and complete dentures, orthosis and various surgeries on the jaw and others.
Posture and dentistry are interconnected. The ratio of the lower jaw with the other parts of the head determines the mobility of the airways. If the airway is compromised (because of the lower jaw more laid back than it should be), then you are predisposed to snoring, sleep apnea and a list of other life-long illnesses due to poor tissue oxygenation. Osteopathic therapy is then used to optimize the size of the opening of the airway.
Osteopathic work is very delicate and is aimed at optimizing the airways, correcting teeth and create proper bite.