bolnisindromkraljeznice1Today, pain syndromes are very common and special care should be given to heal them so the human organism could function normally. It is important to pay attention to prevent, but as well to heal and keep the improved condition of soft tissue, joints and especially the spine.
Some of the pain syndromes affect cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine, sacroiliac joints, rump, shoulders, knees and hips.
Painful syndromes can be acute and cronic, and the pain can spread in remote regions and can be so strong that the injured part of the body cannot be moved, and according to that the treatment should be set.
The treatment with medicaments can help only partly, especially by silencing the inflammation, but the essential quality treatment of mobilisation of the soft tissue and of the joint should remove the cause.
Today, many techniques are being used to prevent such illnesses, but special caution should be taken because inappropriate and aggressive approach can lead to even larger damage of the joints, bones and especially the spine.