The selected family medicine doctor or the pediatricians makes a suggestion and a HZZO medical commission gives its consensus upon the doctors reference for the service fulfillment. The patient himself chooses which medical institution he/she wants to get treatment in, and the approved service is conducted by a nurse, and the professional surveillance by the selected doctor and patron nurse.



The care of chronic wounds
• using the state– of– the – art compress for faster healing and constant professional education of our employees
Prevention of long-term resting complications (primarily bed sore, contractures and thrombosis)
• active and passive stretching
• thrombosis prevention
• pneumonia prevention
• contracture prevention
• bed sore prevention ( the state or the art therapy in bed sore treatment)
• preservation and build up of muscular strength
• the joint function preservation
• prevention of deformations
• circulation improvement
• increase of strength and patients durability
• relaxation
Help and education for the patients family concerning patients personal hygiene, his/hers surroundings and equipment
• maintenance of patients hygiene, his surroundings and equipment of a fully motionless patient in the bed, and the education and help for the family on how to accomplish those procedures in a more successful and simpler way without professional help
How to give a motionless or partially mobile patient a bath in his/hers bed or in the bathtub
• the daily or weekly personal hygiene of the patients (getting a bath, washing the hair, the mouth cavity hygiene, nail clipping, getting the patient dressed and setting the bed, changing diapers for incontinence patients)
Hygiene and stoma maintenance
• the care of trachea stoma, cysto stoma, ileo stoma, colo stoma and gastro stoma
• our nurses are additional educated in working with patients who have stomas
Conducting clyster for cleaning
Taking laboratory test material
• taking blood and urine samples for lab tests and wound swab material, taking it to the lab and if necessary collecting the results from the lab
The parental therapy implementation, except the antibiotics, with doctors surveillance
• upon request, and by the suggestion and the surveillance of the selected doctor the usage of infusion, the insulin therapy and education of the self use of the same is arranged
Catheterization of urinary bladder in both female and male population
• the preparation of the patient for the catheterization
• the catheter change for women
• the catheter change for men in collaboration with an urologist
• usage of urinary catheter in cases when a patient can not urinate, when he is incontinent, after a urinary tract operation, the prostate operation and gynecological operations and in the measurement of secreted urine of the chronic patients
The Oxygen Therapy Appliance
Local and per- oral therapy usage
• the tablets, syrup, drops etc appliance according to the selected doctor reference
• surveillance of the therapy usage (in cases of irregular usage the nurse contacts the selected doctor about the same)
• the local therapy appliance in form of ointment, cremes, antibiotic compress and baths all upon the selected doctor reference
Setting up /exchange of nasogastric probe, feeding through the probe
Measurement and registration of vital functions, the sugar level control in both blood and urine
• measurement and registration of bodily temperature, the pulse and blood pressure
Taking care of a dying patient