Quality sleep for health and beauty!

Most are well aware that sleep is a very important part of health, but it’s quality is often neglect. Because of unhealthy and poor quality of sleep, directly or indirectly, we can feel the effects such as chronic fatigue, poor concentration, mental problems, inefficiency in learning and at work, pains in the joints, spine, head, muscles, and loss of immunity, increased risk of a heart attack and others.
Let us not forget that we averagely “sleep” a third of our lives and the other two thirds depends on it, and so we should take care of all aspects of healthy sleep.
Under healthy sleep we primarily think of comfort, relaxation, anatomically correct position of the body and contain of potential allergens. In order to meet the same criteria, we have to take care of a number of parameters.
Primarily important is a type and quality of the mattress. Today there are many types of mattresses and materials from which they are made, however, the study and practice have shown that due to their specific abilities and characteristics, foam mattresses are the best. Thermoactive foam, from which it is made, has breathable open cell structure, which respond to heat and the weight of the body in order to mold to the body. The mattress reacts to the heat and the weight of the body and creates an impression of orthopedic body lay. The mattress is completely adjusted to the form of your body and it supports the entire length. Thus, the body becomes easier and easier, and begin to feel relaxed. Due discernment and leak of dust, dust mites, fungi and other parasites, it has anti-allergic effect. Antidecubital property foam mattress is extremely important in order to prevent the formation of pressure ulcers (bedsores) that occur due to prolonged pressure on prominent parts of the body such as the neck, shoulders, pelvis and heels. Blood circulation and lymph flow freely while lying on this mattress. If you need a mattress for a child, a foam mattress is also the best solution. These mattresses are more expensive than others, but the investment pays dividends.
Make sure the size and width of beds and mattresses is correct! The mattress must be wide enough to provide space for turning and must be longer than your body, about 20 cm.
An important role in sleep have correct pillows. Recommendations are anatomical pillows of the same foam as mattresses or use sleeping rolls that can be applied with classic pillows, creating anatomical support to the neck.
Sheets and blankets should be made of natural materials.
If nothing prevents you, sleep in all positions, even though you may only use a few. The neglect of certain poses can help to reduce the mobility of certain joints and create pain in the spine or elsewhere in the body.
The length of sleep is extremely important, so treat yourself 6-8 hours of sleep! Chronically non-sleeping cannot be covered by prolonged sleep in a day for several hours, but in the next few days by the hour.
Ensure supply of fresh air in the bedroom!
Sleep restores energy, rejuvenates, maintains the beauty and vitality, boosts physical and mental strength, therefore take seriously the importance of healthy sleep and start its realization already !!!