refleksnamasaza1Reflexology is an ancient healing art based on the principle of reflex zones on the feet and hands, which correspond to all parts of the body, organs and glands. It can be applied to the ear (Auriculotherapy), where is also a hologram of the entire body.
Reflexology uses a unique method of a special thumbs pressure on reflex points to achieve numerous therapeutic effects. Its effects are different, such as the removal of blockages in the flow of body energy, normalize blood flow and lymph flow in the different parts of the body, and achieving a balance of each body part, organ, or gland. It is used in combination with other therapeutic techniques for relaxation, reducing aggression, improving concentration and the total energy potential of the body. Research has proven that, with time, on the nerve endings in the foot accumulates calcium salts and crystals of uric acid that prevents normal stimulation of glands and organs. But, with the technique of reflexology it can be removed.
Reflexology is a type of stimulation of the central nervous system at the level of the spinal cord and the sympathetic system. The feet and hands are extremely sensitive to the touch and these may trigger the blocked mechanisms in the body and brain. In any case, we can say that the today’s medicine is more open towards the oriental treatments, including reflexotherapy that helps us solve various painful conditions.
Duration – 20 or 40 minutes