ultrazvukseltzer1One of the methods that have been used for years in MS treatment is ultrasound treatment founded by Heinrich Seltzer, who after long term research brought out his theory and treatment method in Stockholm, in 1969. He stated that the disease is followed by paravertebral lymph and liquor stoppage and that it can be influenced mechanically. By mechanically he meant by Ultrasound and Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), by which the better flow, and desenzibility of the lymph and the liquor is achieved as well as the improvement of the body immunity and prevents the disease progress.
The ultrasound is known for its mechanical, heating, physically – chemical and biological effect.
Mechanically the ultrasound micro massages the tissue (it improves the cellular exchange, blood flow and oxygen maintenance).
The ultrasound heats the ill part of the body by increasing the permeability of cellular membranes.
Its physically-chemical influence is to improve oxidative and reductive processes by which the pharmacological active matter is developed in the tissue (histamine and acetyl coline).
The biological influences depend on the ultrasound intensity, frequency and time.
In our case of ultrasound usage, the small stimulative dosages are the important ones, and have the stimulative effect without bad morphological changes inside the cell.
The ultrasound acts on the activation of the protection of the reticulo endothelial system, on the better trophics of the tissue, on the biosynthesis of protein complexes, and hyperaemia; it increases the flow of inflammatory and other decayproducts.
The mechanical effect influences the important changes in colagenous fibre, they are separated from other matter and the basically matter is softened. The overall effect of the ultrasound is mainly in the neural influence of the ultrasound on the vegetative nervous system. The Seltzer ultrasound method consists of marking of the two zones: the neck area (the most important zone of the throat lymph ring – MLD 15 min+ Ultrasound 0,2W/cm2 2 min) and along the paravertebral muscles (MLD 30 min + Ultrasound 0,2 W/cm2 2 min).
Ultrasound and Manual Lymphatic Drainage is applied alternately to these areas every other day.

In any case, the program by Seltzer ultrasound is performed in the 24 arrivals. In the first few years of the program should be carried out two times a year, and later, depending on the situation, once or twice a year. Such an approach has proved very good results and it is advisable to all people with multiple sclerosis regularly conducted.