Terms and benefits
Members receive special discounts on all services in clinic and most products in the Medeor Institute.
As a Member of MEDEOR CLUB you can, in the same calendar year, solely in your name use the full amount of membership for services in the outpatient clinic (excluding gift certificates), and must be used by the expiry of membership.
In Medeor institute, discounts are granted on all services as follows:
Silver member – 10% discount
Gold member – 20% discount
In Medeor-Vita Ltd., part of the Medeor Group, on most products  discounts are as follows:
Silver member – 7.5% discount
Gold member – 15% discount
Prices of membership:
Price of the annual membership fee in Medeor CLUB:
Silver member 2.500,00 kn
Gold member 5.000,00 kn

Price of membership in  Medeor CLUB for 5-10 people (per person):
Silver member – 2,000.00
Gold Member – 4,000.00
Price for membership in Medeor CLUB for 11-20 people (per person):
Silver member – 1.500,00 kn
Gold Member – £ 3,000.00
Price for membership in Medeor CLUB for 21-50 people (per person):
Silver member – 1.000,00 kn
Gold Member – 2,000.00
Membership in Medeor CLUB is suitable for people who need and want to come into regular visits to physiotherapist and osteopath for disease prevention, treatment of disease, maintaining the current improved state of health and the prevention of recurrence of disease and painful conditions.
It is particularly suitable for athletes, all working age people who have back pain due to prolonged sitting or standing position, people in stress, trauma and after surgery, people with chronic and autoimmune diseases, pregnant women, neurological patients, neurorisical children and others.