Physical therapy is a process that consists of primary examination or physiotherapy evaluation that makes the diagnosis and the making of therapy plan on the basis of which the therapy and evaluation is set and that is the goal of the therapy. The process of physical therapy consists of permanent evaluation and patient examination as well as the adaptation of the therapy plan if necessary.
Our approach to the patients is strictly individual and depends on their problems, on their age, the state of their skeletal, ligament and muscular system and their way of life.In MEDEOR INSTITUTION we conduct the first as well as the control examinations and physical therapy which consist of: electrotherapy (magnetic therapy, laser therapy, ultrasound therapy, the therapy of dia- dinamic current, interferential current, the ultra stimulation current, TENS), thermo therapy (heat therapy), light therapy (Solux), kinesitherapy (the movement therapy) and manual therapy (the non aggressive techniques of mobilization of soft tissue and joint by hands).
To our patients we offer individually designed programs that help solve the illnesses of the locomotive system (different illness states, the postoperative rehabilitation, the incontinence workout exercises, the osteoporosis exercises, the after birth exercises, the anti cellulite treatments, the lose weight treatment, rest and relaxation treatment, anti stress treatment) as well as medical massage, lymph drainage, reflex therapy and acupressure.



Health services of the dispensary physical therapy is offered at our address in Koturaška street 71, on the ground floor, in the near by of the Dražen Petrović square (Cibona tower). Parking is provided for our clients, and from the nearby tram station the institution is just 50 m distant and is accessible for heavily movable persons.

How is the work in the physical therapy dispensary organized?
With the telephone notice at telephone number +385 1 6171 274, the examination appointment is arranged; the therapy plan is set and conducted. During the therapy the patient is informed about the eventual contraindications and self-help so the therapy progress is more efficient and prompter.
The physical therapy dispensary treatments are based on payment and the MEDEOR INSTITUTION receipt is accepted by all medical insurance companies.