lijecenjereumatskihbolesti1On the basis of first visit to the institution and the illness stadium, individual physiotherapy treatment is set for the patient that consists of all the therapeutic methods that have as a goal a prompter healing.
• The arthroses of the knee, of the hip, the Heberden polyartrosis, Bouchard polyartrosis, rizartrosis of thumb joint, inflammatory osteoarthritis.
• Periarthritis of the shoulder joint, mialgys, miogelosis, the illness of ligaments, ligament chorion, and ligament enthesis, bursitis, Dupuytrend contracture, Trochanterytis, the Carpal channel syndrome, algodistrophy, fybromyalgy
• Urinal arthritis , osteoporosis
• Rheumatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, juvenile chronic arthritis, rheumatic fever, psoriasis arthritis, Reiter’s syndrome
• Systematic sclerosis