lijecenjeurinarneinkontinencije1Incontinence of the urine is the consequence of functional disorder of the detrusor or sphincter of the urethra or both. Getting old, morphological changes occur in lower urinary tract (the enlargement of the prostate, chronicinflammations, atrophic changes in the mucous, and lose of the hormones) that by using other medicaments for illnesses such as diuretics, antihypertensive…. make the basis for the incontinence.
The program for incontinence depends on the type and severity of the urinary incontinence. It consists of the strengthening exercises of the pelvis muscles, of the muscles above the knee and the muscles of the lower abdomen, as well as stretching exercises of the shortened musculature, electro stimulation of muscles all to reduce the activity of the detrusor and to educate the patient so he/she can continue to exercise at home.